11 Day Spiritual Tour to Israel and Jordan

Price per person in USD (3 Star Hotel)
  • Hotels Category: 3 Star Hotels
  • Amman: Toledo or Rojina Hotel / 2 nights
  • Petra: Le Maison or Sharah Mountains Hotel / 2 nights
  • Dead Sea: Ramada Resort / 1 night
  • Bethlehem: Paradise Hotel / 3 nights
  • Nazareth: Casa De Maria Hotel or Tiberias: Eden Hotel / 2 nights

Price in double room

  • $1690.00 per person

Single Room Supplement

  • $330.00 per person
Price per person in USD (4 Star Hotel)
  • Hotels Category: 4 Star Hotels
  • Amman: Cham Palace or Century Park Hotel / 2 nights
  • Petra: Petra Moon or P Quattro Hotel / 2 nights
  • Dead Sea: Dead Sea Spa Hotel / 1 night
  • Bethlehem: Manger Square Hotel / 3 nights
  • Nazareth: Rimonim Hotel or Tiberias: Golan Hotel / 2 nights

Price in double room

  • $193.000 per person

Single Room Supplement

  • $590.00 per person

The above rates include the following services:

  • Accommodation (10 nights’ accommodation in the above hotels or similar.)
  • Meal Plan (10 buffet breakfasts at hotels and 10 buffet dinners at hotels.)
  • Transportation (In modern air-conditioned bus from Day 1 – Day 11.)
  • Guides (Excellent highly qualified English-speaking guide from Day 2 – Day 10.)
  • Entrance fees (Entrance fees to all sites visited & short horse ride in Petra.)
  • Assistance (Meeting & assistance through passport control and customs upon arrival & borders. Shuttle bus while crossing the border. Shuttle bus at the border to transfer between Jordan and Israel.

Not Included: 

  • The above rates do not include the following services: Visa Fees
  • Visa is free of charge with Visa List according to current law.
  • Departure Tax (Jordan on Day 06: USD 15-- per person.)
  • For the guide, driver, hotels, restaurants, horseman in Petra.
  • Additional Services Not Included: Lunches, personal expenses, and drinks.
  • Insurance (This is strongly recommended.)
  • Air tickets are not included. However, Beyond Bethany is more than happy to make all airfare arrangements for your group.

Regulations and Conditions:

  • All rates are subject to increase in case there is any rise in taxes or the prices of fuel, electricity, natural gas, and other basic commodities.
  • Beyond Bethany Tours reserves the right to change the hotels used, routing, sequence, and departure time of a tour; as well as, the right to change specified departure dates.
  •  All participants of any given group must be fully insured from their home country before arriving in Jordan/Israel since there is no such insurance available in Jordan/Israel.
  • 35% Payment should be paid at the time of booking.
  • 100% Paid in full 5 weeks prior to the departure date.

Cancellation Policy

30–15 days before departure-- charged 35% of the total amount of the tour.
14 – 8 days before departure-- charged 45% of the total amount of the tour.
7 –1 days before departure-- charged 65% of the total amount of the tour.
No-Show at departure-- Charged 100% of the total amount of the tour.

Trip Summary

*Arrive Amman Airport where our staff will meet the group at the gate just as they leave the airplane. Full assistance with the visa and customs formalities will be provided at Amman Airport.

*Leave the airport for the transfer to the hotel in Amman and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. Guests will enjoy a buffet dinner and overnight at the hotel in Amman, Jordan. 

*Buffet Breakfast at hotel.

In the Bible, it is named Antiochea or Gerasa. According to Mark 5:1 and Luke 8:26-39, this is where Jesus cast the evil spirits out of a man. It is also one of the cities of the ten Decapolis. Today it is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved Greco-Roman cities in the world.

In the Bible, Um Qais is referred to as Gadara and was also a member of the Decapolis. This 10 city alliance already existed at the time of Christ (Matthew 4:25). According to Matthew 8:28-34, Jesus cast the evil spirits out of two men in today's Um Qais.

*Drive back to Amman for Buffet Dinner & overnight at hotel.

"And Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pis'gah, that is over against Jericho. And the Lord showed him all the land ..... And the Lord said unto him, ... I have caused thee to see it with thine eyes, but thou shalt not go over thither. So Moses the servant of the Lord died ...." (Deuteronomy 34:1-4).

Scholars suppose this village to be the site of the biblical city of Nebo. In the middle of the 9th century B.C. King Mesha boasted that he had slain 7,000 men, women, boys, girls and maids at this place and had taken it from the Israelites.

In the Bible, Madaba is named Madeba or Medeba, the city of the Sihon (Numbers 21:30). The city lies in what was the territory of the race of the Reubens (Joshua 13:15-16 or Isaiah 15:2 and 1 Chronicles 19:7). The main point of interest in Madaba is the mosaic map of the Holy Land from Byzantine times. This is also considered the ancestral home of Ruth.


In biblical times, the Wadi, or River Arnon, formed the natural border between the territories of the Moabs in the north and the land of the Edomites (later the Nabateans) in the south. The Wadi is mentioned in the Old Testament (at the time of King David) as the river which flows through the valley to the Dead Sea.

Kir, Kir-Moab and Kir-Heres are the Old Testament names for the town of Kerak (Isaiah 15:1, 16:716:11, and Jeremiah 48:36). In the time of the Judges, the Moabite King Eglon may have resided in Kir-Moab. In 850 B.C. one of his successors, King Mesha, was surrounded by the United Israel-Judah forces of Kings Jehoram and Jehoshaphat in Kir-Heres and could only escape defeat by sacrificing his first-born son.

*Drive to Petra for buffet dinner & overnight at hotel.

*Buffet Breakfast at hotel.

In the Bible Petra is the city of the Nabateans, the descendants of the Nebajots (Genesis 25:12-181 Chronicles 1:29, and Isaiah 60:7). The first King of the Nabateans was Aretas (2 Corinthians 11:32). In biblical times, the Nabateans were Bedouins even though Petra was a focal point for them (2 Makkabar 12). Later Petra became the royal city of the Nabateans. The earliest historical records for the Nabateans date back to the year 312 B.C. and the last sign of life was in the year 328 A.D.

*Buffet dinner & overnight at hotel in Petra.

*Buffet Breakfast at hotel

Drive to visit Bethany that has been identified for nearly two millennia as the area where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. Stunning archaeological discoveries from the 1st century AD confirm the site was inhabited during the lives of Jesus and John the Baptist. The late Pope John Paul II also visited the site as part of his spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land at the start of the new millennium.

Proceed to the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth 400 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea has a historical and spiritual legacy of its own. It is believed to be the site of five biblical cities: Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim, and Zoar. Spend the day sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing in the gently lapping waters of the Dead Sea and be amazed that you can never sink! 

*Buffet Dinner & overnight at hotel in the Dead Sea.

*Buffet Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to King Hussein / Allenby Bridge for departure, meeting, and assistance at the border, drive to Mount Olives

Visit Pater Noster Church, where it is believed the teaching of the Lord's Prayer took place.

Continue to see the panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem.

Proceed to Dominus Flevit then walk the Palm Sunday route and descend to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus spent the last night before he was arrested.

Visit the famous Church of All Nations to see the rock Jesus is said to have prayed before his arrest.

Go to Saint Ann’s Church through the Lions Gate and visit Pools of Bethesda.

Start walking the Via Dolorosa and end at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Finally, visit the Garden Tomb.

Continue to Bethlehem for a buffet dinner and overnight at the hotel.

*Buffet Breakfast at hotel

Visit the Church of the Nativity, marking the birthplace of Christ. Visit Saint Catherine’s Church and Saint Jerome’s Cave where the bible was translated. Continue to Milk Grotto and then visit the Shepherd’s Field.

Drive to Jericho, the oldest city in the world. View Mount of the Temptations and the Sycamore Tree. Back to Bethlehem for Buffet Dinner and overnight at Hotel

*Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Drive to Jerusalem to visit Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock.

Go to Mount Zion. Visit Cenacle, also known as the “Upper Room”, the site of The Last Supper. Continue to Saint Peter Gallicantu, which symbolizes Peter’s denial of Jesus, and is also believed to be the location of the High Priest Caiaphas. Drive to the Biblical village of Ein Karem, the birthplace of John the Baptist. Visit Church of the Visitation that honors the visit paid by Virgin Mary to Elizabeth. This is the site where tradition tells us that Mary recited her song of praise, one of the most ancient hymns to Elizabeth. Back to Bethlehem for Buffet Dinner & overnight.

*Buffet Breakfast at hotel

Drive to Jezreel Valley and visit Mount Tabor, the traditional place of the Transfiguration. 

Continue to Nazareth, the home of Mary and Joseph, and visit the Basilica of the Annunciation and Saint Joseph’s Workshop. 

Proceed to Cana of Galilee where Jesus performed his first miracle.
*Buffet dinner and overnight at the hotel either in Nazareth or Tiberias.
*Buffet Breakfast at hotel

Drive to visit Mount of Beatitudes, site of the Sermon on the Mount.

Continue to Tabgha where the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes took place then visit Saint Peter’s Primacy Church.

Continue to visit the ruins of Capernaum, the town where Jesus made his home after leaving Nazareth.

Drive to Kibbutz Ginosar for a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.
Buffet Dinner and overnight at the hotel either in Nazareth or Tiberias.

*Buffet Breakfast at hotel 
*Transfer to Tel Aviv Airport for your return flight.